Birthday wishes for sister

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Even when they drive you crazy, siblings become the most important relationship in your life. They fight with you on toys, family holidays, graduation and the most important events of life. And whatever will come your way in future, it will happen.


Each relationship is unique in its own way. Though romance eats your heart, a best friend cum soul mate feeds your soul. But when such a relationship is determined and decided that you are, there are other bonds that you cannot help but let grow. Better to take advantage though. Especially when it comes to finding a relationship between brother and sister, there is no end to the feelings that are associated with his personality.

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No relationship can be as siblings unconditionally and bonded. Of course, because you have no way to get out of it and until you find a way to get yourself out of this stuff, you suddenly realize that you are connected to that extent. So that all relationship go on. The person you call your best friend can change but you can never be your brother! You are tied to biology and genetics and what not, but you are sure to never choose it!

On the face of this earth, every brother and every sister will come to know the changing dynamics of their unforgettable relationship. As someone has rightly said, a brother is the one whom you will gladly save by donating your kidney, but if they ask for a piece of your chocolate they will rip the sky!


It is not hard but impossible for a person to find the best sister in the world, because she’s already mine! Happy Birthday sweetheart. I wish you all the happiness in the world. With all your love and care you filled my childhood with memories that I will cherish for as long as I live. Thank you dear sister. Happy Birthday.

May God bless you with all his warmth and care. May your birthday bring loads of joy and fun to your world. Happy Birthday, to my sweet sister. I wish you a very happy and sweet birthday. May you have a wonderful life ahead. I wish you all the love, care and happiness for the future.


You are so kind,
That together you bind,
You and me in the thread of love,
Here is wishing you a very happy birthday,
Have an awesome day!

Let’s raise a toast to the most awesome yet annoying, wise yet wild, inspirational yet irritating and benevolent yet bothersome sister ever! Happy Birthday.
Today is your chance to take advantage of me and empty my pockets by asking for the most expensive gift ever! Happy Birthday dear.
If you weren’t my sister I would wish that you were. I’m so lucky to have such a lovely sister. Happy Birthday to you.

A sister is a gift to the heart, a friend to the spirit, a golden thread to the meaning of life.
Isadora Turner

While we were born sisters, we grew up to be friends.
Catherine Pulsifer

My sister, someone who has always been there for the good times and the bad times.
Catherine Pulsifer

The best thing about having a sister was that I always had a friend.
Cali Rae Turner


My sister you are truly special
You are truly great,
I am happy to have you in my life,
I am glad that I have you as my sister,
Without you I would have missed,
So much in life,
Happy birthday sister!

Sisters are special in every way
You feel good when they say
Actually they make your day
Happy and wonderful
Happy birthday dear sister!

Some bonds are too profound,
Some bonds are for life,
My sister thanks for helping me,
In all my struggles and strive,
You mean so much to me,
Happy birthday sister!

Not a word to say,
But you still understand,
Not an emotion to express,
But you still defend,
You know me so well,
Glad to have a sister like you,
Wish you a very happy birthday!


You are a part of my life,
You play a most important role,
Over the years, I have known you well,
Now, you are in my heart,
You are truly a wonderful sister,
Love you happy birthday!

My sister, you are the most beautiful soul I know,
I may not always show,
But, I truly love you,
Happy birthday and stay blessed!

A guide, a friend, a mentor and sometimes a mom,
All the roles that you play,
You are the best, I can say,
Happy birthday,
Have a lovely day!

On this birthday of yours,
My only wish is to have you as my sister in my next birth,
Coz you are the best,
Happy birthday my sister!


Having a big sister like you,
I truly feel so blessed,
Being with you I am so me,
There is no stress,
Coz you are the best,
Happy birthday dear sister,
Stay blessed!

You are as loving, as adorable, as sweet
I love you to the core,
You are truly special,
Happy birthday and stay blessed!

I feel gloomy without you in life,
You are my true inspiration of life,
I love you a lot,
Happy birthday dear sister!

You know what the meaning of sister is,
Happy birthday!


You are the smile that ends my darkness
I truly want to confess it to you
That I love my lovely sister and that is you
Stay blessed and keep smiling!
Happy birthday to you!

I share my life with you
I share my joys with you,
I share my wisdom too
As our bond is so special
Our bond is so true,
My baby sister, I love you
Happy birthday to you!

I came to know about angels on earth
And you are one of those
So, on this birthday of yours
Sister I want to raise a toast
To all the special memories we had
Wish you an amazing birthday
Have a lovely day!

Friends come and go from life
But sisters remain for a lifetime
You are a sister whose so special to me
Your company gives me all the glee
Wish the best for you today
Wish you a very happy birthday!


Birthday wishes for sister


I am glad I have a Sister like you. Brothers just don’t get Gucci and Prada! Love you loads and wish you an awesome Happy Birthday!

From stealing your rubber bands to tearing your clothes, I’ve done it all. But you’ve always helped me finish my milk and my homework too. It’s a mutually awesome deal, and I hope it stays this way forever! Happy Birthday sister!

I’m glad both us retards met and were born in the same family. Even God knew it’s just you and me who can handle each other and nobody else. Happy Birthday my lovely sister!

You’ve been my partner-in-crime and my confidante right since my birth. I am lucky to have you as my sister, and today I wish you loads of luck and love in your life. Happy Birthday!


Happy birthday to the most adorable sister
You are to me what my heart is to body
Yes I mean it that I can’t survive without you
You are my only clue
When I get all messed up in life
Just want to say thanks for always being there
I know you always care
Happy birthday to you
God bless you!

Silly fights and sleepless nights
Talking about the crap all day
Things I borrow from you my sister
And you don’t even say
But you do make faces at me
It’s for me to see
I know your love is so cute
Just like you in life
Happy birthday to you!

You are a good friend and I know
Many things are there to show
But my love is all the more prime
And I think you also know
That a sister like you is so true
And I am the lucky one and through
That I have you in my life
Happy birthday to you!

You are special I don’t need to tell you
You are special and one in few
A sister like you is like a blessing in life
I would have been all deprived
Without my sister’s love in life
Have the most amazing day
Wish you a happy birthday!


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